Wednesday, March 7, 2012

what if I play..

Your trivial game,
And win...?

Which is precisely what will happen if choose to participate.

I wonder what's worse:

a) playing a silly game and winning..plausibly a prize not worth having, or at best a minimally coveted one


b) not participating in this pathetic-olympiad and losing based on forfeit, lack of attendance in other words

Is it better to win in idiocy or lose in abandonment?

If you win, are you really a champion, and if you are, then a champion of what?

Your trophy would read: best < twit >... hmm doesn't sound appealing.

In my estimation it's a lose, lose situation.
But what if those are your only two options?

Is there a lesser of the two 'evils' so to speak?

Is life just that, a journey through bad and worse,
Finding the least prickly path will get you to... yet another obstacle.
Is it a maze of thorns, the proverbial rate race, a dunce cap-a-thon?!
What is it?? Does anyone know?!

I certainly don't ...
But what I do know is that I'm averse to these games.
Just be careful not to make me angry, because when I am, I lack foresight, and become competitive.
When that happens, and don't say I didn't warn you, I will win.
And then sadly, the joke will still be on me,
Because I will have won ...rubbish.

I'm minimalistic, I'd rather be empty than full of ballocks.

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