Sunday, February 20, 2011

TOO MUCH pepper in my sushi

Yes, I’ve heard:
In a world where we are taught to believe, more is more.
Why do we feel sick when we’ve had too much? Shouldn’t evolution have come up with some kind of fix for that?

A dichotomous life; the dogma of ‘want more -do more’ and the negative consequences of ‘overindulgence reality’....

What’s a girl to do?
Retail therapy won’t help,
Nor will a massage,
Even a mani-pedi can’t do the trick....

When we go on our final journey, what will matter?

Lennon writes it best.

'It’s easy...

Love, love, love...'

domo arigato kuro koshou

nobody puts baby in a corner

Oh, and don’t you step on my blue suede shoes!
Well, it’s one for the hypocrisy
Two for the selfishness and indifference
Three to get enough material to talk behind someone’s back, laugh and then feel yourself superior

And FOUR wake up!

If the sun revolved around people, it certainly wouldn’t be you.
If we were to replace the inner core of the Earth, you wouldn’t be positioned in its stead.
And if you took even one moment to be empathetic, perhaps you would be human.

Alas, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.
I’m sure you’d try to eat mine if you could....but I ain’t sharrin doll! Not anymore at least.

For every 1 bad deed, 13.764 good acts become null and void.
Do the math smartass...

What do ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Elvis’ have in common?
An active pelvis...c’est ca!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Equilibrium correct temperature, the right balance, and the air of “I don’t care”.
All signs of a healthy equilibrium.
But what about when we rely too much on ‘this’, or too little on ‘that’?
W H A T happens when E q UiLIB r Iu    m   is destroyed, bankrupt, abandoned?
You’ve obviously         Let go.    Opened up.    Risked.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you venture more than you gain, will you be reimbursed?
In times of assets; bliss, joy, amour!
Alternately there are always liabilities in the forecast: f u c k    y o u.
But it’s the liabilities which make us great. They are the foundations of a noble character, the supporting wall for depth...what’s more ...  without them, I’d be  y a w n .... four walls, each the same size, the shape of you.
just be sure that the ratio isn’t 40:60,,,,,,,or you may infringe on  the static, competitive, general, partial, or recursive equilibrium theories, and then what will become of you? The mathematical black hole may not seem menacing...but it is.
I guess I should keep a flashlight handy, because frankly I never was any good at math....