Sunday, November 28, 2010

NEVER use the word HATE!

"Never say NEVER"

"HATE is a strong word"

Really who makes these 'rules' up?
Where do they live? --------------Not in Athens that's for sure.

I decided to compile a list of things I HATE...actually I'll take it a step further and say LOATHE! It would be fabulous if I NEVER had to endure any of them again.

Actually most birds and almost anything that has wings but especially pigeons. They come way too close, have red eyes and make a very annoying-creepy sound.

Waking up early:
Getting out of bed in general with an alarm clock.

The wind:
It's spastic...and interferes with everything from my hair to a boat's ability to travel.

The rain.....with the exception of it raining on  a Sunday morning when I'm sleeping.

Any kind of repetitive annoying sound:
Par example 'komboloi'

The hours which banks operate:

Apparently these lists increase in size proportionately to one's age.
Frequent updates ahead.

I can't write anymore because I must sleep now, but before I go to bed I have to remember to set my alarm. However in the event that I forget, the sounds of lingering pigeons will surely wake me. The forecast calls for a wind with showers. And I'm almost certain that when I rush to the bank tomorrow there will be an old man with a 'komboloi' in front of me ......
c'est la vie.