Monday, September 12, 2011

Is Paradise...

Is paradise doing exactly what you want without repercussions?
Having it all?
Or maybe the opposite; having nothing at all?

Following your passions, irrespective of distances, and barriers, for as long as possible...maybe forever, and maybe not, but at least knowing that when it's done, it ends.
Not needing to look back and wonder, 'what if?' Rather smiling because you were a privileged participant.

Alas the rain does fall, and the sky does cry, and we have come to see that our current reality isn't like the utopia we dream of. Instead it's composed of both pleasure and pain, gain and loss, up and down, round and round, 'ouf' -
I'm suddnelty dizzy.
What's that in the distance?

Spotted: a protest!!
Against this trite system, a protest that is anti-rules, and goes contrary to established tranditions which although can be wonderful, pale in comparison to fighting for your beliefs and feelings which is even more beautiful and powerful, dare I say: brave!

I've read a myriad of prose and have ascertained that timid people rarely make history, no one reads about them, they are not great. Rather, 'fortune favours the brave' but does it also favour the passionate? Those who act primarily on their heart's desires rather than the brain's logic...what does fotune and the future hold for them?
Time will tell, let's hope it ends in 'happily ever after' . Or at least just happily.