Friday, January 7, 2011

All that glitters is not gold

Time waits for no-one

Our whole lives we’ve been taught, ‘Don’t put off till later what you can do right now’. Again, the wisdom of ages at work to protect newbies from a life of missed deadlines and over-due fees.
Procrastinate, put off, delay, postpone, adjourn, dally, defer, dawdle...potato ...change the name if you wish the end result is constant. Act II Scene II Romeo and Juliet, ‘What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet.’
With a philosophy similar to that of Nike, ‘Just Do It’ but with a uniquely Greek twist to it, “Just Do It, Later’ trouble is bound to ensue. Of course in Canada this is something that you can get away with. Gas tank almost empty? It’s okay gas stations are open 24 hours, you’ll never run out of gas, and hell, if you do, there’s CAA. In Greece however, it’s a whole different ballgame. Things close without warning, and close often, there’s apparently a holiday every other week, and stores, banks, transportation and other things we humans have come to depend on have no regimented schedule, everything is left to work as the wind.
Wind is lucky, it comes and goes as it pleases, takes what it wants with it, when it gets bored, it leaves them randomly, without a second thought. Wind doesn’t pay rent, or for internet, nor does wind have to be at work at any specific time. The wind doth blow, but life doesn’t have to.
The things I’ve put off get done in haste, if at all. A job well done requires time. A life well lived requires action. Take the time to plan actions because there isn’t always a later. When later becomes tomorrow, next week, in a month and it will eventually be never.
The arms of a clock are relentless, unless of course you postponed getting a new battery.    

Monday, January 3, 2011

COCO had her Venus in Leo too!

I always knew I was a dilettante, but only recently can I prove it.
Astrology-Astronomy-Astrophysics, all scientifically proven. Right?
Recently I had my horoscope/zodiac analyzed and low and behold I’m not the boring ‘Cancer’ I once thought. My horoscope is more complex than nuclear physics and luckier than a four leafed clover. If only I understood what it all means. Apparently I have a triangle with 120 degrees which is quite balanced and in all my planets I’ve been blessed. Not a square 90 degree in sight. Phew!
Moreover my Venus is in ‘Leo’, and this is good, better than good, great! I’m also among good company, none other than Coco Chanel and Madonna are in the ranks.
If your Venus is in ‘Leo’, it means: ( Astrology) With Venus in the sign of Leo, you radiate warmth and if you're not confident in love matters, you'll fake it 'til you make it. You've got a regal bearing and can be generous, affectionate and playful. Your persona is delightfully dramatic, and this can lend an air of excitement to your relationships.
If you ignore the fact that today it started to pour rain subsequently after I hung my laundry out to dry, that I dropped the iron on my foot  and that I’ve fallen madly in love with a figment of my imagination (all part of having Venus in Leo), I’m FABULOUS, just like Coco and Madge. Maybe even better because I'm alive and not a grey in sight ;)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Never drop the bone to catch the shadow

WHY must I test out every proverb myself?
Proverbs exist so that people can learn from the wisdom and mistakes of others.

Yet I have decided to live my life, each moment, testing out time honoured aphorisms. Because I think, I know better! But really, I don't.

'Never drop the bone to catch the shadow' or in Greek 'Όποιος θέλει τα πολλά, χάνει και τα λίγα'. Simply meaning 'Don't be Greedy!'

Well, initially I thought it was an old wives tale, typical overly cautious parents telling their children not to overstep their boundaries. What about ambition? What about luck? Are they accounted for in this? If not, shouldn't they be? What kind of world would it be without a little Chutzpah to keep things interesting.

So I wanted to have my cake and eat it too! WHY SHOULDN'T I? ummm maybe because it's impossible.

Next time I decide to do 7 things per day, so that I can cross them off my to do list and dichotomosly please everyone. While simultaneously over-indulging, under-sleeping and galavanting without reason and purpose I will remember not to be greedy. Because if I don't, I will once again become so ill, and will be bed-ridden for three days. With no-one to blame but the reflection in the mirror and no-one to cry to except the four walls.

I've dropped the proverbial bone.
I reached for the shaddow, but we all know how that turned out.

So as they say: The darkest hour is always before dawn
Dawn, hurry the h#$% up!