Monday, March 7, 2011

deadly sins

You posses them, yet I suffer their consequences.

Envy joy, stomp on it, in hopes to feel better about yourself. Who knows, maybe you can create a putty out of it and use it to fill the chip on your shoulder.

Be a glutton of fun, like a vampire draws blood, so you draw smiles and leave the carcasses strewn in a gutter. You wear the smiles like a mask, even when it’s not Halloween.

Lust after sincere passion and mock it at every opportunity. If you vandalize it, the graffiti will leave ugly marks. Mission accomplished.  

Take pride in your supposed ‘superiority’, judge everyone by your criterion, and be proud that you're not like them, even though we both know the world would be a better place if you were.

Exercise sloth as frequently as possible, breathe it in as if it’s air. It's easier to play the part of black swan anyway.

You want it all. From ideas to couture, your greed has no boundaries. But even if it was all given to you, it wouldn’t be enough, for you, nothing ever is.

Your pseudo smile doesn’t fool me. Your garden may be beautiful but your house’s interior is hideous. Your negative thoughts are kindling for a fire of anger. Though you may try to cover the boiling pot with a lid, it's bound to overflow. And when it does, your fingers will burn.

Although their nomenclature is the '7 Deadly Sins', one would assume the possessor of said sins would be the sufferer too. Yet the opposite is true.
Others are the casualties in the battle of Good vs. Evil....
Evil will always win, and that’s all you want anyway.
Enjoy your victory, just be sure to dress lightly for the victory party, it will be hot there.