Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Virtues aren't like instant coffee, you have to be patient, let them percolate.

You can't force a horse to drink, just like you can't capture a bird who's not ready to be in a cage.

And now I'm tired, tired of a fake world.

Of cookie cutter i-robots. Without blood in their veins, flowing mega bites instead.

I looked deep inside you and found true beauty, and you looked just past me.

What were you looking at?

Perhaps your watch, because time waits for no one.

I've clearly missed my cue.

And as a result the curtain call has ended. I want to stay in the theater for ever

But they keep telling me I'm too old to play dress up.

"they" say...

time heals all wounds.

Perhaps superficial scars too?

But what about the ones that are deep? Do they stay? Never go away?

Try as you may to conceal, they rear themselves.

     Plastic surgery for a synthetic replacement?
                 scarred for life?

Looks like not all 'bogo'* deals are a good bargain.

*bogo-buy one get one free