Sunday, October 31, 2010

How tight is your knot?

Everyone has a knot, be it in their stomach, their brain or their heart.
The location of your knot can depend on various factors; there is the heated cliché debate of nature versus nurture, but I’m almost certain, it’s nurture!
According to the location of this knot, and of course personal limitations and circumstances your knot can have varying degrees of strength.
A lose knot is equated with a free spirit, and a tight one an anal retentive.....of course there are many degrees in between, but who wants to discuss banal-medium=half way-run of the mill folks when there are extremes?
Extremes are always more interesting, and they say blondes have more fun....little do ‘they’ know.
An extremely tight knot has desires that go unfulfilled, however they are always well prepared for any weather. They ALWAYS try to enforce their ‘rules’ on others, and fit them into their perfectly cut box. What they cannot comprehend is that not everyone has the measurements to fit into their box. It can be asphyxiating to be shoved into a perfectly cut square when you’re a triangle. They’ve obviously missed a geometry lesson or two. Perhaps they were busy planning their life.
Then there are the lose-goose knots. The knot without a care, living for the moment, enjoying life, often at the expense of others, perhaps unbeknownst to them and sometime knownst. Nothing has been set aside for a rainy day, and they are especially susceptible to puddles, but they don’t care, unless there is the threat of drowning, in which case they seek the assistance of a tighty. This tighty knows that the moment will come, they angrily wait for it to occur and take great pride when it does. They once again take the triangle and put them into their perfectly cut square. It hurts, but pain is more tolerable than drowning. Or is it?
Can the two live in harmony? NO!
Can one live without the other? NO!
So what can be done? NOthing, that’s life’s little joke....
Not all jokes are meant to be funny-

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Careful what you wish for

I’ve heard the cliché a myriad of times, always slyly thinking it was lame. Never quite understanding its essence because, frankly there was no need. My wishes never came true.
And then one day.....actually it was today:
I had a wish and it came true.
And now I’m re-thinking it.
Truly the manager of the wish factory has an odd sense of humour.
For I was only granted ¾ of my wish, not the full 100% I had ‘wished’ for. And that other part, the ¼ part which didn’t belong in the blueprint of my wish, it’s nothing shy of deplorable. My worst nightmare!
How can this be?
Of course we must be careful what we wish for, especially when the wish is laced with a Molotov of nightmares.
And now I’m left to ponder do I really want this wish? Will it be better or worse in 10 days? 100 days? 1000 days?  
Falling stars, wishing wells, birthday candles, does one need the whole gamut, the holy trinity of wishes, in order to get 100% wish accuracy?
Wish I may wish I might, wish upon this star tonight.....
Caution wish ahead!