Thursday, February 2, 2012

no man is an island

but today I want to be

So I can cry without having to explain
So I can swim around, not worrying about who I splash
So I can eat when I want, what I want, how I want
So I don't have to pick up the slack others leave behind
So I can relax, be me, be free, just simply be
I can get on my boat, and sail away, no need for goodbyes ....

Ride the wave away from  defunct loyalties and obsolete promises

My sails cannot serve their purpose with anymore slack than has already been given.

No one wants their vessel to sink.

So they enter a loch where quality standards and water levels are not set or measured, but felt.

Where the energy and love you give are rewards in themselves.

But I ask you, who can remain afloat without a decent crew?

Although Captains should be last to leave a sinking ship, others...  have no such obligation.

And even if all you need is love and a lifeboat, both have been known to have holes

That is why for now, I will travel in my yellow submarine, because there's too much wind to sail, the crew is schlepping rather than striding and frankly I'd rather not be exposed to the wind today.

On this day I am an island and I lost my map...if I ever even had one.

Surf? Turf? I've lost my appetite too, but maybe I'm destined to be, Eleanor Rigby...

Where do we all belong?