Monday, April 4, 2011

Let it be...and other phrases to postpone insanity (anti-lamogio)

When the sun shines and even when it doesn't, time ticks forward.

If a situation bothers you, change it.

When people are rude, kill them with your kindness.

Money is made to be spent, but not without thinking carefully.

Life is meant to be lived, but the rule is true for others too, so live and let live.

Don't laugh at others, laugh with them.

Be happy with yourself, because if you're not, no one else will be either.

Set goals, aim for the moon, even if you miss, you'll me amongst the stars.

Try to understand others and to cut them some slack, as the fable goes, the lion ended up needing help from the mouse, you never know what life holds in store for you.

There's only love. Love poeple, love nature, love the universe.

Bad things happen, life has ups and downs. Remain positive regardless.

Dream, wish, hope; always. Even when you're not sleeping.

Spend time with children and the elderly, through their eyes you will see how beautiful life was, is, can be.

Most people are selfish. Accept it, act accordingly, but never be that way. Share your wealth, your joy, your love. Everything expires sooner or later so make good use of it while you can.

Be yourself, not everyone will like it. They may not understand, they will criticize, but you're the only expert on yourself. Don't ever forget it.

The world can be a dark place. You don't have to be.

So when life happens, don't worry, let it be, even if you don't, it will still continue anyway. Ride the wave, it's always more fun that being smacked by it.