Sunday, December 16, 2012

I feel like the weather

This analogy, depending on the weather where one lives, could mean pleasant things associated with sunshine, and warmth, or if one lives where I do, it could mean, cold, desolate, and irritable.

The great yogis say, 'if you spot it, you got it', meaning that the flaws we notice in others, are really just reflections of our own weaknesses.

Perhaps... sometimes....but sometimes, they're not. Or are they?

I am noticing stupidity in others, I am by no means stupid. Am I? I guess it depends who you ask.

I am noticing greed in others, from time to time I may have inclines toward greed, but in no way to the extend that I've seen. Or perhaps it's just different, but the level not greater.

I am noticing extreme laziness and the opposite of integrity in others, and although of course I can be lazy, I am not a sloth, and I do keep my word. Most of the time...

Let's not forget insincerity and general chatter of words for the sake of writing/saying them, but no real depth, I'm drowning in others' pseudo-attempts at humanity. Do I sound like the automatic reply on an email? I sure hope not, because you do, and it's ridiculous.

Is it possible that I embody these deplorable traits? Am I worse than those who make me angry? I mean children use a similar adage for passing gas, 'who ever smelt it, dealt it', and it's not always accurate. After all I can be sure to have smelt many a disgusting odor but have not been the culprit of them.

Alas, the truth shall remain elusive. I've not been scorned for having any of the above traits, nor do I scorn those who I see embodying them. So perhaps we're all just living a lie, we're all just assholes, with shitty characters, too lazy to try to improve one another, too selfish to care.

In the very least, we know that some cliches do materialize, and if opposites attract, let's hope I'm lucky either way.

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